Presented by: .::NOSOTR@S::. Designs
Organized by: Lolla Denimore
Starts July 01st
Ends July 31st

The hunt is inspired in Neko-grunge and Sweet-neko style and child avatars, furry avatars, demons, vampires and all the creatures of this wonderful world are welcome to participate in the hunt. This hunt is for everyone in SL who would like to join in!

You will be hunting the sim for a Kat who is shown close to the ^V^DKH >>4<<^V^ sign, that one don´t have the prize in it.

The Kat who has the prize in it is hidden inside the store who has the sign in the entrance.

Some things we would like to ask of you if you are planning to participate in this hunt:

Please refrain from contacting designers directly with any issues.  All queries should be directed to Lolla Denimore and her Staff in the form of NOTECARD ONLY.

Please respect all designers, sims and stores you are in and also respect other hunters.

Please keep your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) as low as you can so as not to lag up the sims.  This means not wearing items of clothing that contain lots of prims because it really slows the hunt down for everybody.

Please pick up your boxes yourself, if you want to open your packages on anyones sim.

Have fun and bring your friends!


If you like to join the group please touch the link ^V^Dark Katz Hunt ^V^. Designers will send notices about gifts, apart the ones that are included in the hunt, and news in their stores:D

Group Rules:
1) NO rudeness
2) NO spam
3) NO advertising
Breaking these will cause ejection from group.


Are you interested in The Dark Katz Grid Wide Hunt >>4<< and have not received an invitation?
Please see the DESIGNERS tag.

☠  The position in the Hunt, Its according you send the app. So, sooner you send the app. to me higher will be the position in the Hunt.

☠  The organisation of this Hunt Its all made by me and only by me Lolla Denimore (Hi=)!), sometimes I get some help from ThyaraLove Exonar and She doesn´t speak English, so ALL your request or doubts about the Hunt send to me Lolla Denimore by note ofcourse.

☠  Please don´t be offended with my direct form of write, as a few of you now, English Its no my natural lenguage and sometimes a misspell can bring a huge misunderstood (It happend before :$). Its no personal =).